Thursday, January 29, 2009


Saturday 13th December-

We thought it important to share the Christmas spirit with the girls, knowing that because of the current political and socio-economic crisis Zimbabwe is facing that the festive season would be overlooked in many households. We managed to organise a venue through the Community mothers (the YWCA catering school) and had a wonderful afternoon. The girls have in the course of their Support Groups dramatised many topics, written poems and composed songs and the best of these were showcased at our party…..

(Nyameni Support Group ages 16-18)

In this play a young girl is pressurized into having a wealthy boyfriend by her friends as a means of providing for her younger sisters and brothers. The boyfriend buys her cell phones and groceries but ends up infecting her with HIV. In the moment of truth, her friends desert her and she is left alone crying.

(Dombotombo Support Group ages 16-18)

In this adaptation a cruel Aunt is taking care of her orphaned niece and her own daughter who is a spoilt brat. She connives with her next door neighbor to poison her niece. Unfortunately things go horribly wrong when her own daughter greedily eats the poisoned food and dies a dramatic death instead.

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